SMS To Alert People about Unmanned Level Crossing Much Safer Taken by Railway Board

For a very decent purpose, railway board has decided now to use the latest technology and make the unmanned Level Crossing much safer for the public on the road. Now Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has already given instruction to explore the technology of Geo-Spatial for this purpose and its implementation ASAP, mentioned by the Railway Board.

Since the board is planning to get this implemented in their work system, there will be combination of GPS (Global Positioning System), GIS (Geographic Information System) and Remote Sensing all together. After bringing this facility in the system, any road user will receive an alert on their mobile phone via SMS by default at unmanned railway crossing while any train is approaching there.

While using such technologies all together, Railway board has assured the public to minimize the accidents at unmanned railway crossing moreover, such kind of advance and innovative step would act as an extra effort to control as well as to calculate the data of railway crossing accidents with accuracy, said by one the senior official this morning.

While accompanying Prabhu initiative, a top level official meeting was conducted at India Rail Bhawan, New Delhi in the morning hours. Their top executives for the safety and facility control of Directorate of Railway Board, Research Designs, along with search arms of railways (other standard groups), IT department of Central Railway and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) attended this important meeting and fully appreciated and participated in this kind of initiative taken by Railway Minister.

At the end of the meeting, directions were given to all members to start with required steps and research to prepare the action plan and their implementation idea, Mentioned in Statement.

Latest Marketing Vital Tool Bulk SMS Service in India

Around the world every minute some thousand millions SMS’s are sent. In this dynamic and fast changing world, it’s very necessary to reach customers in every possible time.

However in recent couple of years SMS are being used for business purposes also.

Since SMS’s are being quite cheap and ROI based tool.

Best SMS services in India like has also launched their services for Small size firms as well Big corporate business houses.

Majorly SMS tool is used as marketing concept by banks, drink firms, entertainment and real estates.

These days SMS can be sent via various platforms like mobile phones, computers, laptops and online websites.

SMS Marketing by mobile phone is an innovative method of marketing to sell a product and for branding purpose.

Now a day’s everyone of every age group is carrying at least one mobile phone and to reach them SMS is simplest mode.

Benefits of SMS for Marketing: With the help of best SMS service provider, in this full of competition world it is necessary to reach every edge via latest technology, where SMS is best method.

For example organization’s marketing campaigns, price, and special offers or news or headlines and may be sports updates.

Via SMS marketing campaign it’s very simple to provider alert services to your subscribers.

E admissions app and social networking sites to aid plus II admissions in odisha

The 2014 admissions for Plus II courses in Odisha will now be available both online and offline for the students.

There are a total of 1,411 junior colleges in the state with 3,35,240 seats and over 20,000 applicants.

This move comes as an effort by the junior colleges and the State to make the admission process easy and hassle-free.

The authorities have set up 523 nodal centres to assist students in the online admission process.

Besides the official website various education apps and social networking sites are being used to further support the admission process and make it simpler.

Bulk SMS services are also being employed to send alerts to students in case of non-submission of hard copies to the respective colleges.

The same form will be used to apply for different streams and two selection lists will be released based on merit.

Those who do not qualify in the second selection have the option of going for spot admission.

June 10 is the last date submitting online application.

Happy Chocolate Day Greetings SMS On 9th Feb 2014

01. I Searched Many Shops To
Buy D Best Chocolate 4 U.
But I Didn't Find Any Chocolate
Sweeter Than U & Ur Smile..
Happy Chocolate Day..

02. Life Is Like A Chocolate Box,
Each Chocolate Is Like A Portion Of Life,
Some Are Crunchy, Some R Nutty,
Some R Soft, But All R DELICIOUS.

03. I Want You To Retain Your
Sweetness Like The Most Precious
Chocolate. I Dont Want To Lose
You In My Life. Always Stay
With Me. Happy Chocolate Day.

04. Tera Ye Meetha Sa Pyaar, Laya
Hai Mere Jeevan Me Bahar Is
Pyaar Ki Mithas Hai Ek Waar,
Chocolate Day Pe Mai Karta Hu
Pyaar Ka Izhaar Happy Chocolate Day.

05. The Sweetness Of A Chocolate
Remains In The Tongue For A
But, The Sweetness
Of A Person Remains In The
Heart For The Whole Life..!
Happy Chocolate Day My Dear.

Container booking goes online by SMS at Cochin Port Trust

In a move to finish the monopoly of middlemen in the booking of container trailers, the Cochin Port Trust (CPT) has started an Internet and SMS-based service to book container trailer online for moving containers to and from the International Container Transshipment Terminal(ICTT) and various locations, including container freight stations.

The website name is Trailer users and operators can register online on this website to avail benefits.

The requirement posted on the website by a registered user will be received by trailer operator through e-mail and Bulk SMS gateway.

The trailer operator can then submit his quote for the request through Internet or SMS. There is no scope of intervention of broker in the deal.
The user can choose the most suitable price and thereby get the best service at competitive price.

The website is designed to be operated through Internet, e-mail as well as SMS.

10 ways to promote real estate business with bulk sms marketing

As you are in the business of real estate, then we are sure you must have tried a lot of things to promote your business. Right from fliers to ads in newspaper, every promotion move would have cost you a bounty. If you are now looking to reduce this cost and at the same time increase your conversions then keep reading this space as we are about to tell you a simple solution for all your promotion needs.

The answer to your above worry is simply send sms to mobile. Yes you read that right and we are not talking about 1 or 2 sms but to a large number of potential customers at just one go. There are a lot of bulk sms service providers in India, however we had suggest you to use the service of India sms. The service will consist of sending bulk sms through an open source sms gateway. The gateway will have tie ups with almost all the major carrier service providers which will you to reduce your bounce rates. Thus you will be able to reach a lot of people with a guarantee. Also buying the sms premium account, will enable to target your prospects geographically. This targeting will help you avoid being treated as a spam sms and will help you gain more credibility.

Now below we will tell you few ways to promote your real estate business in a simple yet efficient manner.

1. Send SMS only after doing a thorough research of customer database.

2. Buy the customer database from a trusted provider. Many numbers might be not in use which will lead to higher bounce rate.

3. Keep your message simple and precise. As you are limited when it comes to availability of characters so keeping message short will get you more conversions.

4. Always provide a website link in your SMS. For this purpose use URL shortener.

5. Send multiple messages on a routine basis. The content should differ slightly.

6. Do not spam the inbox of your customer. Maintain a frequency that will avoid user blocking your number.

7. Do not message on numbers that have been registered under DND.

8. For international clients, you will need to use gateway that provides free international SMS services.

9. Analyze your reports on daily basis.

10. Test run your campaign on a small number of people before going wide.

With this we are sure you will be able to achieve your objective of increasing your clientele base.

Electricity bill alerts through Bulk SMS by Tamil Nadu Gene­ra­t­ion and Distribution Corporation

Did you know that electricity department in Tamil Nadu has brought down the use of millions of papers with just one simple solution? Well you can stop guessing because the answer lies in something which you and I use more often than anything else. The answer is short message service. Yes a simple SMS via web has helped them reduce carbon footprint and take a step towards a greener plant and more socially responsible company.

The idea was simple. They tied up with one of the many SMS websites in India. This website acts like an interface between the payer and the electricity department. Whenever a bill is generated the amount goes to the website and the website then searches for that bill number on their database. Once the contact number of the person is found, an SMS is sent via a gateway. This simple process is so useful that it has not only reduced the paperwork but has also reduced the number of default payers. Since an SMS is received instantly and can be sent multiple times, the probability of defaulting thus greatly reduces. The move has helped them increase their revenue by more than twenty five percent.

However this is just a start. If the reports published in various media channels are to be believed than this solution will be implemented in many state owned companies. Not only that, the Government is also figuring out ways to start payment through mobile just via an SMS. For this the user of the service will have to register itself for the SMS payment, wherein he will be provided with a secret code to authenticate the payment. Once authenticated by the user, the balance will be debited from the user’s bank account. Such a system will completely eliminate the use of paper. The solution is also feasible since it doesn’t involve the use of internet as in various mobile banking solutions.

Now if you are wondering that whether you too can implement this simple solution for your company than the answer is GO AHEAD! All you need to do is register with a bulk SMS service provider India and then start right away with your trial kit of free send SMS. However the free trial will have its limitations such as an ad will be shown in every SMS that would be sent. The number of SMS sent will be limited. Thirdly, you will have to enter every number again and again. With a premium account you can directly upload a list and a detailed report will be sent to the company on a daily basis.

Visvesvaraya Technological University announces 3rd 4th semester BE examination results by SMS

The Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) declared the results for the B.E examination of Belgaum and Gulbarga regions, on the 29th of January at 6.30 PM. The results were available on the university’s official website. For the convenience of candidates, the result will also be available on a new SMS service initiated by the college and on e-mail. The results declared were of the 3rd and 4th semester.

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) was established by the government of Karnataka in 1998. It is a collegiate public state university with 208 colleges affiliated to it, making it one of the largest universities in India. Named after Sir Visvesvaraya, the only engineer to be awarded a Bharat Ratna, the university also has regional centres in Mysore, Bangalore and Gulbarga. The university runs twelve undergraduate courses and eleven post-graduate courses at present. It was established with an aim to promote and improve the status of technical training in Karnataka.

This year the university has made use of the bulk SMS solution to send free SMS to students informing them of the exam result. Free SMS sites are available to cater to this need of companies and educational instituions. All it needs is good SMS software. To see their result, the candidate just has to type RESULT USN yourEmailid and send it to 5424204. The facility is also available for checking revaluation results. To get the revaluation result just type- REVAL USN yourEmailid and send it to 5424204. For example, REVAL USN

6 ways to promote fitness centres and gyms with text message marketing

Gyms and fitness centres are the new temples of health for today’s generation. The society as a whole is moving towards an era of greater health and weight consciousness and looking for means to achieve the same. So if you own a gym or fitness centre this is your time to capitalise on the opportunity and expand your business. If you think advertising involves huge costs then we are here to dispel that myth. To know more read on.

Gyms can increase membership and create awareness by using the simple and cost effective means of text marketing. Employing the use of SMS service provider is the latest trend in digital marketing and has so far proved to be a useful one. Companies are making a switch from email to SMS as text messages have more reach and are read more frequently than emails. Text marketing can prove to be extremely beneficial for fitness centres and can do wonders for their business.

6 ways to promote fitness centres and gyms with text message marketing:

Free Trial Membership and Discounts – To entice people and make them accustomed to the gyming environment, gyms can introduce a limited free membership for a few days. Send full on SMS to promote this offer. Once a member joins, offer discounts on the actual membership to retain them.

Send Fitness Messages – Make a list of gym members and send free SMS online to each of them with a personalised health tip. This encourages people and keeps them hooked to using the gym everyday.

Introduce new workouts – The fitness industry is evolving constantly and newer workout regimes are being introduced frequently. Keep a tab on these trends, try and introduce them in the gym and inform clients using SMS about them. Clients would appreciate having workout options to eliminate drudgery.

Gather Likes on Facebook – Create a page for your gym and send SMS to members to ‘like’ the page. Facebook is a great way to promote your business. Once a client hits ‘like’ the page would appear on his profile and others can also view it.

Create a Referral Programme – Send text messages to clients asking them to refer your gym to their friends and family. Once a referred member is enrolled reward the referrer with discounts or free gifts. This way the client would be motivated to bring their friends and family.

Send Weekly Reports – Use SMS to send personalised weekly reports of the client’s workout pattern through the week and also send them the schedule for the next week. The client will appreciate the Gym’s keen involvement.

2014 Republic Day SMS messages to share greetings

01. Republic Day is a good time
to examine who we are
and how we got here.

02. On this day think of our past and
Try to built better future for all of us.
It is a duty of all of us!
I am proud to be an Indian.
Happy Republic Day 2014

A-all feilds
wish u a happy republic day!

04. Republic Day is a Day To remember,
When A Thought Of freedom Was Born,
Don’t Just take It as A national holiday.
Try Something New To Improve Our Country.

05. Freedom in the mind,
Faith in the words,
Pride in our hearts & Memories in our souls.
Lets salute, The Nation on Republic Day!
Vande Mataram Happy Republic Day 2014

06. This Is The Country Of Colors
And Faith In Spirituals. Lets
This Republic Day Reminds Us
For The Work And Life Given
By Our Leaders To Safe And
Happy Life. Happy Republic Day

07. To all my Friends & Relaives on Facebook
Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience,
Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality,
Science without humanity, Worship without sacrifice,
Politics without principles Happy Republic Day

08. We salute out Great Freedom fighters
Happy Republic Day

09. Happy Republic Day!
On the eve of REPUBLIC DAY,lets salute and remember the soldiers
who sacrificed their lives to protect our nation.

10. Hold your head high; let the world know You are Proud to be an Indian.
Vande Mataram and Happy Republic Day

Your vehicle insurance information available by Bulk SMS soon

The trend of mobile banking seems to be catching on, and it’s now the insurance sector that has joined the bandwagon. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority or IRDA has passed a new initiative wherein policy holders will be able to receive their vehicle insurance details via an SMS on their mobile phones. The IRDA, which was set up in 1999 to regulate and develop the insurance industry, is undergoing a digital makeover and this new proposal is a step in that direction. Earlier IRDA had directed insurance companies to launch e-policies to save costs and make the process simpler. This new step will give a boost to the usage of bulk SMS services India.

To enable this service, the regulator will be maintaining an online database of all vehicle insurance policies which would be updated on a regular basis. They are seeking the help of Road Transport Authorities and police in different States to share data on uninsured vehicles. This novel idea of using bulk SMS and SMS gateway pack spells good news for all stakeholders. Policy holders will no longer have to carry a hard copy of the insurance papers and they can get instant information about their policy details incase of an accident. The authorities too would be benefited as they can track down un-insured vehicles. For insurance companies it would help in maintaining a seamless and updated record to settle claims in a trouble-free manner.

As per this system, anyone seeking to get details of a vehicle’s insurance policy simply has to message the registration number of the vehicle to a telephone number. This number would be connected to the database and would instantly send all policy details via SMS on the mobile. The process is simple and uncomplicated and would greatly empower the consumer. Insurance companies are employing the bulk SMS packages India for this service.

With this proposal it seems that our insurance sector is all set to transform and become tech-savvy. But the policy has its trouble shooters: maintaining and regularly updating this database of lakhs of vehicles from all over India, is a monumental task. It remains to be seen if IRDA can successfully go through with this innovative and challenging plan. Once in place this initiative is sure to revolutionise vehicle insurance and even open the doors for similar changes in other areas of insurance.

Emembership number launched to become AAP member by SMS and Call

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), keeping up with its tradition of employing new and innovative means for campaigning, has launched an open-for-all campaign called Main Bhi Aam Aadmi. Under this campaign, all those interested in attaining a membership of AAP may do so by simply sending a toll free SMS with their name, STD code and name of their Vidhan Sabha to 07798220033 / 08082807715 / 08082807716. The sender will instantly receive a text message acknowledging their membership into the party. Alternatively one can also register online at to become a member.

With this move the AAP aims to enrol 10 million people by January 26. The membership is free of cost and as per the Party; already more than 300,000 membership applications have been received. Speaking about the campaign Arvind Kejriwal added that while membership is free and open for all, a screening process would be conducted for those holding a post in the party or contesting elections. Sources within the party say that they are getting a warm response in Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, along with the southern states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Launched in November 2012, the Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal, was set up to fight corruption and government inefficiency from within. The party caused a major upset in the 2013 Delhi legislative assembly elections by winning 28 out of 70 seats and forming a minority government with outside support of the Congress. To gain a further stronghold and have a pan-India presence it is now using bulk SMS marketing in its campaigning. Using the SMS software India is proving to be an effective strategy in a country where almost everyone has access to mobile phones.

By using the services of SMS software India one can send SMS India and reach more people in a cheaper and effective manner. SMS marketing is more viable than internet marketing in a country like India where more people have access to mobile phones than internet. The mode of operation of AAP has always been to stay in touch with the grassroots and make the common man feel like he has a stake in the system. The SMS campaign is a step in the same direction and is so far proving to be a successful one.

RBI asks banks to charge for SMS alerts on usage

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a notification on 26 November 2013, directing all banks to charge customers for the SMS alerts on bank transactions on the basis of usage. Till now banks were imposing a fixed fee for the service. The RBI now wants banks to charge customers on the basis of actual usage of this service.

The RBI commented that, ”Banks are advised to leverage the technology available with them and the telecom service providers to ensure that such (SMS) charges are levied on all customers on actual usage basis”. This is to ensure equity and reasonableness in charges imposed by the banks. This directive is part of the Second Quarter Review of Monetary Policy Statement 2013-14 that was announced on October 29, 2013. The new change is applicable to all banks in India including Urban Commercial Banks and Scheduled Commercial Banks.

To provide this best bulk SMS India service, banks use the services of bulk SMS service providers. The bulk SMS company charges the banks for the SMS sent. Banks in turn pass on the costs to the customers. This amount is deducted annually from the customer’s account. At present banks are charging Rs.60 annually for this service. With this move the banks wanted to tap the lucrative bulk SMS marketing India.

The SMS alerts system has been functioning since March 2011 when the RBI directed banks to send online alerts to customers informing them of all types of transactions made from their account. This step was taken to increase security and reduce bank frauds. The RBI however had not set a guideline mentioning the amount to be charged for the service. When the State Bank of India began charging a fixed amount of Rs.60 annually, other banks followed suit and began charging the same amount.

The customers would definitely welcome this move. While SMS alerts are extremely useful every customer does not use the service equally and hence the charges too should be as per usage. Supporting its decision to levy charges based on usage, the RBI also said that banks and telecom service providers have the latest technologies available with them so charging customers in accordance with actual usage should not be a difficult task.

Modi for PM fund donation campaign launched by BJP

The supporters of Narendra Modi have a new means of showing allegiance to the Gujarat Chief Minister. The BJP has launched a Modi-for-PM fund wherein people can make donations to the party for the upcoming election campaign. The payments can be made in person or online on a new website launched in New Delhi.

The site will accept donations from Rs. 10 and Rs. 1000 and those making donations will receive a receipt via messaging SMS and emails. BJP chief Rajnath Singh inaugurated the initiative with a Rs. 1000 donation and kick starting the one-note, one vote campaign. The campaign aims to bring the party closer to the voters and establish a connect with the public. In the words of Rajnath Singh- I believe the launch of this website will develop an emotional connection between the party and our supporters.

The BJP has also roped in IITians into the party in a bid to modernise it and attract the young voters. Subodh Sharma, K K Sharma and Shalab Sharma are some of the new faces in the BJP. Besides this, Ashok Saini, belonging to the corporate sector and Vikas Guliani, a technical consultant, have also joined the party along with some former defence officials. The BJP is undergoing a complete makeover to present itself as a strong contender for the upcoming general elections.

Various political parties like the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) have begun to employ technology like websites and SMS advertisement to extend the reach of their campaigns. Bulk messages are an efficient, cheap and quick way to reach thousands of people instantly. Using SMS gateway services allows parties to advertise extensively while cutting down the huge costs involved in other modes of campaigning. Premium SMS gateway can help send personalised messages at the right target group thereby increasing the reach of the party.

The BJP also plans to start another campaign to collect iron for a Sardar Patel statue in Gujarat. The statue is Modi’s dream project and will feature a massive statue twice the size of the Statue of Liberty. The BJP is creating awareness among the public using new and innovation means. It remains to be seen if the one-note, one vote campaign can work magic for the BJP and Narendra Modi in the general elections.

200 million text sms a day collecting by National Security Agency

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting and storing nearly 200 million SMS messages a day from around the world as part of the NSA program code named “Dishfire”. This revelation is a result of the joint investigation by Britain’s Guardian newspaper and Channel 4 News, who were aided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The program collects “pretty much everything it can” rather than just storing information from suspicious surveillance targets. The UK spy agency GCHQ also made use of this data to keep a tab of “untargeted and unwarranted” communications in UK. The NSA through this program has also been able to store data about people’s contacts, travel plans and credit card transactions.

This has elicited a strong reaction from the public. Already wary of SMS marketing software that delivers internet SMS, which people sometimes find intrusive, this news has further invaded the privacy of citizens across the globe. The case of US spying on individuals under no suspicion of illegal activity came to the forefront after Snowden leaked secrets of the NSA’s mass “eavesdropping” activities. In addition to over 200 million text messages a day, the NSA was also collecting more than 5 million missed-call alerts a day, over 800,000 financial transactions from credit cards, over 1.6 million border crossing using roaming alerts, 110,000 names from electronic business cards and travel data along with cancellations and airplane delays.

While the world is outraged at this direct attack on privacy, the NSA insists that its activities and collection of data is limited to and only deployed against valid intelligence targets. It claims that the collection is not arbitrary as claimed by the investigations and all data is “lawfully” collected. The NSA also maintains that it actively removes extraneous data that is related to innocent civilians.

Mr Snowden, who lifted the lid off the scandal, has been charged with espionage in the US. Civil rights and privacy groups are demanding an explanation of this blatant intrusion into the private lives of citizens. People all over the world make use of SMS gateways to communicate personal or official information. It is extremely ironic that USA, which claims to be the upholder of free speech and sovereignty, is involved in an exercise that is stripping the people of their basic right to privacy and the freedom to exchange personal messages.

Congress Party launches Bulk SMS Service for AICC Updates

The Congress Party has launched a mass text messaging service to get the latest happenings and alerts from the All Indian Congress Committee (AICC) sessions. Those interested may get the notifications by giving a missed call on 1800 208 20 20. This new initiative is a step towards utilising technology to reach the common man. While the BJP has been tech-savvy and has an updated website, the Congress was seen lagging in these aspects. With the introduction of this sms messaging service, it too has joined the bandwagon.

Such practices, however are not new. Using unlimited free SMS for campaigning has been in vogue for some time now. Banks, Retailers, Hotels, etc have been using the internet SMS for marketing purposes since 2000. Now it's the turn of politicians to employ this tool to create awareness among their vote banks regarding the Party’s contributions to society. Barack Obama successfully used the SMS messaging in his 2008 US presidential campaign.

SMS services are becoming an important political tool not just for campaigning, but also for smooth functioning within the Party and keeping all Party workers informed of any updates. The Indian National Congress too has realised the importance of this tool and therefore is making use of it in a bid to cover lost ground, to prepare for the general elections. Since the mobile phone is now available with almost every section of the society, this initiative may prove to be a crucial step towards creating awareness among the voters.

Aadhaar number to be informed by SMS to member

The Unique Identification Development Authority of India (UIDAI) is all set to utilize the mobile SMS services for delivering Aadhaar number to applicants. This move comes in wake of the complaints by applicants regarding delays in getting the Aadhaar number. The Aaadhar number is a 12 digit number issued by the UIDAI, which may be used as identification or address proof anywhere in the country. A new application for sending bulk SMS has already been tested and the SMS server is all set to drop your Aadhaar numbers in your message inbox.

Employing the bulk SMS through internet services, UIDAI can speed up the process of delivering Aadhaar Card numbers thereby saving time and increasing efficiency. It would prove to be a boon to people who have had to wait for upto eight months to get their Aadhaar numbers. It would allow them to avail all services linked to the Aadhaar card without physically possessing the card. UIDAI has teamed up with the Department of Information Technology (DIT) for this novel initiative. So far over 56 crore Aadhaar numbers have been issued and this number is expected to increase faster with the use of SMS services using the cheapest bulk SMS provider.

The Aadhaar card provides every citizen of India with a unique 12 digit identification number. The enrollment for the card is free and it is valid for a lifetime. It is a voluntary service that can be availed by every resident. The Aadhaar card aims to have an integrated data base of all citizens with a view to eliminate duplicate and fake identities in government and private databases. In future the Aadhaar card is expected to provide access to services like banking, mobile phone connections and other Govt and Non-Govt services.

The Reserve Bank Of India has already issued a notification allowing banks to enable customers to open all savings accounts using letters issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for Aadhaar numbers as a valid Know your Customer (KYC).

The only hitch in the SMS service for Aadhaar card is that this service will only be available to those who have registered their mobile numbers at the time of applying for the Aadhaar card. Considering that only 27% people have provided their mobile numbers at the time of enrollment, this might prove to be a major hindrance to the new initiative.

Role of Bulk SMS Services in Small Business

Technology is changing the face of marketing everyday with new and innovative means of reaching the consumers. New means of communication have made it easier to reach and connect with potential customers. Bulk SMS services are one such novel tool that aid marketing. In a world where mobile phones are omnipresent and almost all segments of the population have access to them, bulk SMS service are proving to be an effective and cheap means of advertisement especially for small and upcoming businesses.

Bulk SMS refers to the facility to send a large number of messages to mobile phones. They are increasingly being used by the media, banks, retailers etc for advertisement or information dissemination purposes. The market is replete with bulk SMS providers who offer bulk Sms services at extremely competent rates, which means one does not need any technical training on how to send bulk SMS. This facility greatly benefits small businesses as the cost of advertisement is reduced due to cheap bulk SMS India has to offer.

Bulk SMS allow a company to reach thousands of customers easily. They may be used to deliver alerts, information, reminders etc, depending on the marketer’s objective. There are several benefits of using bulk SMS services:
• They are more effective than email because of constant access to mobile phones by everyone.

• They are much cheaper and cost effective as compared to other means of advertisement like newspapers, T.V. commercials etc.

• One can constantly stay in touch with the customers and inform them about any special offers and events.

It is amply clear that bulk SMS are the new marketing trend as they are cost effective, instant and time saving. All it needs is a bulk SMS software and a database of mobile numbers of the target group. Sceptics argue that bulk SMS infuriate or annoy the receiver, due to the deluge of unwanted messages. However this does not hold true of all consumers and is more of a generalised statement than a fact. Besides nowadays customers themselves sign up to receive SMS alerts of services as it is convenient.

Bulk SMS are increasingly being used as a marketing tool by business houses that wish to expand the reach of their business and target more customers. The power of mobile marketing with its innumerable advantages is proving to be an effective means for both the users and receivers. For now it seems like bulk SMS is here to stay.

SMS alerts on overcharging as you board train soon

The Indian Railways is planning to introduce a new SMS service to warn travellers of overcharging by the catering staff on trains. This is another step by the Railways in their endeavour to modernise the system in tune with technology. Having already introduced the successful and hugely popular IRCTC website for train booking and information, the Indian Railways is now utilising bulk SMS solutions in a bid to tap the SMS marketing in India segment. This move will ensure that customers are not fleeced by the caterers and staff in the trains.

As per this initiative, an SMS alert would be sent to passengers at the time of boarding the train, advising them to demand a rate card from the caterer. The rates of meals available on the train would also be listed in the SMS. Incase a caterer refuses to comply with the rules or produce the rate card, the passenger can register a complaint on the catering complaint number mentioned in the SMS. For those not travelling with E-tickets, pamphlets and posters with the same information would be distributed in the train. All issues thus registered would be solved at the next halt itself, ensuring a speedy rectification of the problem.

A pilot project has already been initiated by the Western Railways on the Mumbai to Gorakhpur Awadh Express and the Mumbai to Delhi Paschim Express. The service would soon be available on all trains. Western Railway is being assisted by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to maintain a record of cell phone numbers of those booking their tickets through this site. Bulk SMS are being used by a variety of service providers from airlines to hotel chains etc, and the bulk SMS prices too are very affordable. Also such services are easily available on various bulk SMS websites. Hence it would not cause a hole in the Railways pocket to initiate this service.

The catering complaint number for passengers is 9004441955. Passengers can also send an Email on cateringcomplaint(at) The complaints that are registered would be immediately forwarded to the Railway authorities. This information would definitely prove handy to passengers and would protect them from the arbitrary rates being charged by the railway caterers. Such initiatives definitely give more power to the customer and make travelling a hassle free and pleasant experience. Kudos to the Indian Railways for employing technology to empower the customer!

Electricity Bills through SMS in 110 Towns of Tamilnadu soon

citizen of 110 towns in Tamilnadu start getting power bills with meter reading details, electric bill due date and power faliure alerts on their mobile phones soon. A Thangavelu, Chief Engineer of TANGEDCO, Coimbatore, said.

Kisan SMS Web site for Farmers

Union Agriculture Ministry has launched a portal for sending SMS to farmers to disseminate useful information to them related to farming.

The portal named Kisan SMS can be used to send SMS to farmers and would also be helpful for farmers engaged in related areas like animal husbandry, fisheries and other agriculture-related fields. The project will be implemented by the Agriculture Department of each state. Agricultural universities and Krishi Vigyan Kendras of various states will also be incorporated into the project.

SMS Marketing It is Right for Your Hotel Booking

Are you interested in sending messages to a lot of people regarding your business? There are a lot of ways now by which people can be reached so that they can learn more about promos and discounts that they may avail. If you have a hotel and you would like to promote it, what are the ways that you will do to become well known and to be more established in this industry?

While a lot of hotels usually advertise online and purchase their own domains, it is considered innovative now to avail of sending bulk sms. If you are not too aware of what this can do, it involves downloading bulk sms software from the Internet and once you have downloaded it successfully on your gadget, you will be able to send messages to your target audience. Do remember that you would have to find authentic bulk sms website because there are a lot of hoax websites right now.

As we all know, the hotel business is not always flourishing. While well-known hotels always have guests, there are instances when new hotels would have to struggle a bit because guests do not even know that they exist. Relying on just a few marketing strategies may not always help. If you would not buy bulk sms software it would cost to send sms to India, you would have to pay for every text message that you will send. Spare yourself the trouble and purchase bulk sms free software from the Internet.

How Bulk SMS Marketing Help to Grow Up Your Business

There are instances when people are not too sure on how they can advertise their business. While some people rely on the Internet and advertising through making their own websites, this is sometimes not enough in order to reach your target audience. If you are a bit lost on what you can do, have you ever thought about getting bulk SMS software in order to help you out?

If you are not too aware of what it can do, SMS marketing can be used to send messages to different mobile phones as a sign of advertisement. A lot of businesses have been using it for the past years because aside from the fact that it is not as expensive as other types of advertisements, it can also reach a lot of people.

While there are some companies that would sign up under some SMS marketing companies and would need to pay a fee, some companies can give bulk SMS services for free. Just be sure that the company is legitimate so that you will not encounter any problems. Most of the time, companies who have a budget would rather try out the free bulk SMS software that is available online to help them with their SMS messaging needs.

Since bulk messaging will enable you to send messages to different mobile phone numbers, there is a possibility that they will be curious to try out your products or services. There are some people who say that any type of business you run will be positively affected by bulk SMS service although most companies who do try this out are usually advertising food or clothing sales. This does not mean though that just because your business is not mentioned above, you cannot take advantage of this service anymore.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Service for Night Club Owners

Even though there are still some people who are not aware, bulk SMS services are being used by different companies who would like to advertise their products and services. While you might have already gotten some messages about food as well as sales of different stores, there are also times when night club owners use this type of service in order to promote their clubs.

A lot of people right now are into partying at night. Some even feel more awake when they are already with their friends and they are meeting new people while dancing the night away. There are different night clubs to visit and it can be confusing for people to know where they are going to party.

It is essential for night club owners to use bulk SMS services in order to promote their night club. In order to do this, they can always search for bulk SMS software free download from the Internet. You may also choose to sign up under SMS Services Company but it will not always work. Bulk SMS free can be possible with the right type of software. Just make sure that the download will be successful so that it will really send to different mobile phone numbers.

If you have the right software, you can send bulk SMS to your target audience. Most SMS software applications are now advanced enough to recognize if there are some repeat numbers that are part of your list. This will stop you from sending duplicated messages to the same people

Farewell texting launched on Brisbane Airport on digital screen

Brisbane Airport is the first in Australia to launch Farewell text messsage on Led Screen in the International departure terminal. All wishes will be available on screen between 7am to 11am each day. Local and international weather will also available on led screen. The spokeswoman shared at this time they will share sms in english only.

Text messaging while driving reason for road accident

Text messaging while driving vehicles has additionally emerged as a serious distraction to cause road crashes in India.

Mohit Gautam, Coaching Manager during a media workshop on Driving Skills For Life organised by Ford India shared that attending calls or texting while driving was one of the major reasons for the road accidents.

A recent survey concludes that text messaging while driving a major reason for road crashes as well as mobile calls. He said young drivers were main found into texting while driving. He advised to stop mobile texting while driving as mobile phone calls may be listened by stopping the vehicles on road side.

100% FDI in telecom service approved by Telecom commission

Telecom Commission, today approved to hike foreign direct investment limit 100 percent from 74 percent. The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) is likely to soon move a cabinet note for 100 percent FDI in telecom services.

New Roaming Plan Introduce by Bharti Airtel Idea Cellular

Mobile phone users roaming outside their home circles will get substantial relief on tariffs as leading mobile phone companies on Monday waived of charges for incoming calls, in line with Trai's recent diktat.

India's largest telco Bharti AirtelBSE 1.34 % launched two plans for its prepaid subscribers. In the first, customers will pay 5 a day for receiving calls at no charge and will have to pay 1.5 paise per second or 90 paise per minute for making calls while roaming. The second plan allows prepaid customers to avail the same benefits for 79 a month.
The telco's website also offers plans for post paid subscribers. A top up pack of 75 a month allows free incoming calls on roaming, all other charges remaining the same as per the consumer's pre-subscribed plan.

New Termination Charges on Bulk SMS India from 1st June 2013

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), is going to impose five paise as termination charge on each transactional Bulk SMS and two paise on each Promotional Bulk SMS on operators from whose networks the message is being sent.

Bulk SMS India Gone More Expensive from 5th November 2012

This is to inform you that TRAI/Operator has imposed New IUC Charges on Bulk SMS in India on all mobile operators i.e. Airtel, Aircel, Loop Mobile, Tata Teleservices Ltd, Bsnl, and Mtnl. This will be with effect from 5th November,2012. No Official announcement by TRAI so far. We will update latest information soon.

New Bulk SMS Price Structure :-
For Promotional SMS Pack/ Non DND SMS Pack additional 30-40ps will be charged.
For All Transactional SMS Pack/DND SMS Pack additional 20-30ps will be charged.
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