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Hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) is a recent technology that enables the automatic transfer of information between a computer automated voice over and an actual human phone user via a hosted platform.

What is Interactive Voice Response System?
Interactive voice response ivr is a voice over solution telecom companies make use of to offer and share information between the telecoms company and its customers. The system does not make use of any hardware or equipment the way the on-premises PBX does; instead it utilizes a hosted service. With the ivr service definition explained further, an average phone user will get to understand why the system has taken over telecoms companies, and IT firms with respect to easy phone service and customer relations.

Until recently, the outbound ivr system used to be a standalone application but as technology progressed, the application also went through upgrades and is now an evolved application catering to many services within a telecoms company. Due to the fact that the application now goes through a hosted service, phone companies can easily transfer useful information to clients and customers with ease and at real time. Many of its applications include company information, managing complaints through live support, ivr survey, etc.

The system is now being utilized by over 40 countries but one of the countries where the system was recently introduced and is growing fast is India. Better referred to as the latest automated ivr solution India, the system was recently introduced to enable Indian telecoms companies, service providers and businesses upgrade from the stand alone on-premises PBX application to a hosted service. The ivr hosted service India now caters to a lot more ivr applications. The IVR service in India also utilizes a bulk outbound voice message popularly used during political campaigns, voice advertising etc.

Today the voice ivr market in India seems to be a most sought after service by other ivr user companies in different countries worldwide especially in the United States due to the markets rapid growth. Due to the expansion of the hosted ivr service, a lot more companies are now coming to the knowledge of the VXML, CCXML, applications well associated with the hosted IVR service.

Benefits of the automated voice response service:
The ivr call service now made it a possibility for companies to interact live with an ivr system, making it possible to have reports viewed and analyzed live through the internet.

Hosted ivr pricing is very competitive and really affordable compared to the high cost of getting a CTI board. The service also helps the user to avoid the waste of time spent on combining telephone switches.

When it comes to businesses, using the ivr systems can be really advantageous. In one statement, businesses can now monitor their sales rates, analyze reports, view reports, offer live customer support and service, all at real time via the internet.

How to create and send ivr solutions?
Creating a hosted ivr requires a service provider and a service creation environment. The service provider will make sure the following are provided before a hosted ivr is created.

  • A dedicated telephone number for making calls.
  • Visual tools for fabricating the IVR call flow.
  • A third party database combination with a current customer resource management (CRM) software.

All that the hosted ivr client needs to bother about will be the application of the software, the call flow, ivr prompts, and scripts, which will be done by the hosted ivr service provider. The provider will also ensure that regular updates and maintenance of the ivr system are catered for.

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