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FINDOC - Success Story

FINDOC is one of the fastest-growing Fintech organizations in India. Our partnership with them started 5 Years ago, and it's getting stronger year by year. They benefited in boosting their business & profits by enabling TextGuru Bulk services in Ludhiana as customer support, customer buying details sent by sms, customer engagement, personalization, and many more segments of their business.

Reliable Support, Superfast delivery, and Instant response from TextGuru were the responsible factors that helped their customers experience high-level satisfaction and heightened trust in their services.

Background One of the fastest-growing Fintech organizations in India.
Challenge Needed to boost business and profits through improved customer support and engagement.
Solution Implemented TextGuru Bulk SMS services for various communication needs.
Results Enhanced customer support and buying details communication.
Increased personalization and engagement through SMS.
Strengthened partnership, growing stronger each year.

JOLLY WOMEN - Making Waves

A well-known women's wear brand all over the country renowned for its elegant designs & royal clothing, also adds to our delighted customer's list.

With a great brand image, the responsibility to hold reliable customer communication comes along. Gladly, they trusted the shoulders of TextGuru to handle it.

The lightning-fast bulk SMS delivery and the guidance for engaging SMS communication helped them maintain a high satisfaction rate among the customers. Also, The strategic Bulk SMS marketing campaigns made them attract a grand customer base that ultimately led to an increased number of sales all over the country.

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PRINT SHOP - Fashion Forward Approach

Every Ludhianvi with a keen fashion sense has this brand name printed in their minds. The Print Shop is a female clothing brand located in Ghumar Mandi, Ludhiana, Punjab.

They benefited from the excellent Textguru bulk sms services like fast invoice details sharing, Bulk SMS offers for festive sales, automated customer support SMSes, real-time product availability status, and many more.

With help of super fast delivery and Bulk SMS API system, they succeeded in enabling automation and improved efficiency to many of the processes. Also, they got highly benefitted by pushing attractive promotional offer SMSes to the right target audience at the time of festive sales, it allowed them to attract large crowds and immensely boost their sales graph.

LODHI CLUB - Prestige Partner

The elegance of highly prestigious personalities of the smart city Ludhiana shares the same roof at this wonderful place named Lodhi Club. And, Textguru feels honored to be the reliable service partner for all the Bulk SMS Services at the Lodhi Club from the last 10 years.

Apart from being the hub for entertainment, celebration, and fun activities, Lodhi Club is also a spot for important meetings focussed on the betterment of society. So, in order to organize everything well and ease the process, Textguru is helping the club by offering their services in notifications, alerts, greetings, and many other things associated with Bulk SMS Services at Ludhiana. All the services & support provided by Textguru are appreciated by the associated members of the club and feel benefited.

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VARDHMAN GROUP - Textile Triumph

Vardhman Textiles is one of the largest textile manufacturer brands in India. With factories set up in multiple states of India, its major operations are in Ludhiana, Punjab. Well, Textguru Reliable Bulk SMS Gateway in Ludhiana is the trusted choice serving in all the Bulk SMS Service at Ludhiana to Vardhman Textile Ltd.

Starting from 2018, its been 4 long years helping the brand with automating the processes whether it's promotional texts for audiences, enabling Bulk SMS API for customer data management, company's intercommunication texts for workers, transactional SMS services, stocks availability status, and many more significant processes that can help to make the organization more efficient & grow faster.

The organization has experienced a significant rise in efficiency of processes & profitability in results yielded after introducing the fast, reliable, and supportive services of

RIWAAZ - Fashion Forward

Riwaaz, One more name that hits the list of top fashion brands in Ludhiana, trusts TextGuru for Bulk SMS Services. With Riwaaz, our journey was started 7 years back. Since then, TextGuru is sharing an amazing work association offering Bulk SMS Services in various segments of their business like customer support, Transactional messages, stock availability status, brand promotions, customer details via SMSes, and many more.

With the help of Textguru Affordable Bulk SMS Provider in Ludhiana, The brand has structured its business process towards a more automated, smooth, and efficient ecosystem that is resulting in highly fruitful results with consistent growth.

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