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Bulk SMS

The word bulk sms refers to a bundle of electronically transferable space, which can carry at least 160 Characters in each one of its. Bulk sms service has overrun the traditional marketing strategies with its unique spreading characteristics in the public. It will be interesting to understand that the phone ratio of our country has increased many folds compared to the last ten years. The success of the Group SMS was in its extreme reach and the ease of access. One in every three person reads sms regularly and sends replies in our country. It will be interesting to know that unlike other countries; about 83% of the Indian mobile users have not registered in the ndnc registry database.

Bulk sms in India has reached second position in an advertisement, campaigning in all media after tele commercials. The average number of bulk sms delivered each day has reached 18% of all sent sms to India. SMS contests and sms voting have triple folded in the last five years. SMS messaging is a powerful marketing tool, which can launch the details of a company�s products and services to a large demography. The main forms of bulk sms Marketing are as follows, The current sms marketing techniques in India are of two types,

  • Bulk SMS DND OPEN Route Or Transactional SMS Route.
  • Bulk SMS DND FILTER Route Or Promotional SMS Route.

  • Bulk SMS DND Open Route: - In this route user can send sms to registered clients only. No promotional, sms may be sent on this route to avoid unwanted sms. TRAI has mentioned some category who may send informational sms from this route like Insurance companies, Banking, Credit card companies, schools, etc. This type of route comes with 6 Alphabets Sender id and Works 24 Hours. It is also called Transactional Route.

    Bulk SMS DND Filter Route :- In this route user can send sms to an unregistered mobile number for SMS Advertisements. It comes with predefine sender id by the operator and works 9AM to 9PM. No sms will be delivered afterwards. Promotional sms sent from this route never delivered on DND Mobile numbers. It is also called Non DND Route.

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