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What is DLT Registration?

DLT Registration (DLT) stands for Distributed Ledger Technology. This is a blockchain-based dlt registration system that keeps records of transactions between participants in a network. In this system, businesses that want to send SMS need to register themselves as principal entities on DLT platforms, and they receive a 6-character Sender Id. SMSes are sent using that sender ID instead of the sender's name or number.

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) requires that every company wishing to send communications in India must register with the network operators for DLT (Airtel DLT Registration, Jio DLT Registration, BSNL DLT Registration, Vodafone DLT Registration, MTNL DLT Registration, TATA DLT Registration, Videocon DLT Registration & Smartping DLT Registration). In order to combat unsolicited bulk SMS from inappropriate sources, the DLT registration platform was released in the public interest. Companies who do not register are not allowed to communicate with their Indian customers via Bulk SMS.

Why DLT Registration is required To Send Bulk SMS in India?

On top of everything, it is now a compulsory process to avail the bulk SMS services. TRAI has made it mandatory for the companies who want to communicate with their Indian clients via SMSes has to register under DLT. This rule has been implemented to bring transparency in the Bulk SMS Industry and enhance the protection & security of customers in India.

It prevents customers from Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and restricts companies from sending random messages and spam calls to their customers. Along with the telemarketers, all businesses & enterprises, who are also referred as principal entities are mandated to register with the network operators on the DLT platform. Also, they need to register their headers or sender IDs and content templates in it.

So, The conclusion is that only the principal entities who have registered themselves and their respective headers or sender IDs on DLT can send communication via SMS to their Indian Customers. But this what seems to be a headache is actually beneficial for all honest companies and their clients.

Let's check how!

What are the Charges Of DLT Registration in India?

The Charges Of DLT Registartion (Airtel DLT Registration Charges, Jio DLT Registration Charges, BSNL DLT Registration Charges, Vodafone DLT Registration Charges, MTNL DLT Registration Charges, TATA DLT Registration Charges, Videocon DLT Registration Charges & Smartping DLT Registration Charges) in India is Rs. 5000 + GST18%. But it's 100% waived Off & now it is free.

What are The Benefits Of DLT Registration in India?

DLT has brought numerous benefits to the customers & entities and helped them in a number of ways. We have listed 10 benefits of DLT in the Bulk SMS Industry:

01. The first relieving benefit is that DLT helped to eliminate the inappropriate practices in the Bulk SMS Industry, which was a huge matter of concern for the last many years.

02. It helps TRAI to identify who is initiating the SMS service that allows them to use the service in a transparent and trustworthy manner

03. Everything including headers and templates gets registered on the platform.

04. Telemarketers and entities can make the registration under any operator’s DLT platform.

05. It helps entities enjoy a better-targeted outreach to the customers.

06. It also helps them make better communication and enhance the level of trust among their customers.

07. Now, the interested customers will get cleaner and genuine communication.

08. Blockchain technology brings the assurance of a safe & protected approach to the whole system.

09. The separate registration for telemarketers and entities makes it even more transparent.

10. The final good news is that companies now require customer consent before sending the SMS. Also, the slot timing gets selected by customers.