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7 Great Benefits Of Bulk SMS Service For Startups

"You're making us proud!"

Thousands of startups are budding in India right now. Almost 2-3 startups are launching every day. New ideas, great innovation, and a perfect mix of creativity are becoming the identity of Growing India. Today, India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world. So why should we not be proud of you!

It demands a lot of courage to develop an idea that is just imagination at the beginning into a whole working reality. There are many problems that an entrepreneur has to face at the early stage of a company or startup. There are very limited resources and money. They have to make the best use of them and earn great results. The Bulk SMS Service just achieves the same for you!

It is a powerful marketing tool that'll help your startup get fast & surprising results in your allowed budget or even less than that.

And to prove its efficiency and power, we are going to tell you about,


In an early startup phase, when there's no funding, it is very important to spend your budget wisely. You have to save as much as you can. To make the overall process cost-effective, you need to cut costs on many aspects like manufacturing, distribution, marketing, etc.

In most startups, the lowest budget is assigned to the marketing part because the budget does not allow us to spend on expensive means of marketing like TV Ads, Billboards, Newspaper Ads, at least not on a big scale. And here Bulk SMS Service is the ultimate solution for you. Yes! Bulk SMS Service allows you to advertise on a large scale even without exceeding your marketing budget and helps you attain the impressive results you need.

Attract New Customers

Well, it's just the start of a business that's why called a startup. Also, you're very well familiar with the term customer acquisition. At this stage, when the brand-building process is going on and trying to build trust, it is very important to bring our initial customers at any cost.

Bulk SMS helps you do that in a much more effective manner. You can use hooking content and strategic planning as the magnet to attract a mass audience to your business.

Targeted Reach

In this high competition market, one thing that can save you from being dominated is a clear vision and a targeted approach in business. For an entrepreneur, it is not easy to capture so many verticles of the market, and that's why it becomes a crucial step to identify and research the area of the market they need to focus on.

If you've also successfully identified your target audience, then congrats! Because Bulk SMS Service is going to give you a leading edge with its helpful features for strategic targeting. With Bulk SMS Service, You can send the communication based on n number of targeting factors like interest, gender, demographics, and many more that can help you get outstanding results.

Effective & Superfast Results

We know you're working super hard and have much patience to wait for the results, Right! But it's not the case with Bulk SMS Service. Yes! With Bulk SMS, you don't have to wait too long for results.

You reach your audience at a superfast speed. You can send your message to millions of people in less than 5 secs. If we talk about the results, SMS has an open rate of 98%, and 90% of messages are read within 3 mins of delivery. Not only that, it only takes 90 secs for a person to respond to the text message. So, you need not apply the patience mantra while getting fruitful results from Bulk SMS Service.

Benefit Your Brand Image

As per the stats from the internet, almost 77% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers SMS. The reason behind this is the power of personalization and customization in Bulk SMS.

By sending personalized messages on special occasions, you can create an emotional connection in the mind of your customer, it'll ultimately help boost your brand image. On the other hand, You can also excite your customers and force them to remember your brand by sending special offer messages regularly.

And if you're worrying that it'll invade the privacy of the customers, we have one more stat for you.

Almost 75% of customers are comfortable receiving SMS messages from brands if they are opt-in to it.

Easy Tracking Of Campaign Success

Yes! You can easily know whether your money spent is getting you the right results or not.

After you opt for the Bulk SMS Service, You can get real-time data and complete analytics graphs, including the number of messages delivered if the customer has read them, the current status of the SMS, geographical data, and much more from your Bulk SMS Service Provider.

It'll help you optimize the performance of your current & future campaigns and also help you identify your target audience even better.

Give Boost To Other Marketing Channels

According to stats from a website, SMS messages have a 98% readability rate, an average click-through rate of 36%, and 19% of links in text messages get clicked.

High Readability, High Response Rate, and High CTR. These are the 3 big advantages of Bulk SMS Service that can help you amplify your other marketing channels like website, social media, etc.

Whether you want your website to convert more leads or your followers to increase multiple times on social media platforms, Bulk SMS can be a great booster.

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