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Vistar Express is a logistics company located in New Delhi. The organization provides its services in Warehousing, Transportation B2B, Grocery Delivery, and Pharma Delivery. Vistar Express is getting benefitted from the Bulk SMS Service at New Delhi of Textguru for the last few Years.

As it's a logistics company, a fast & robust customer communication setup is the crucial need of the business. That's why we aimed to enhance their process of customer communication in many aspects like automated sharing of billing details, live order tracking, personalized promotional Bulk SMSes, and a lot more that can be useful to create a highly efficient & satisfactory communication setup.

Also, Textguru helped the organization improve on internal company processes like customer data management, fast invoice sharing by Bulk SMS, order availability, etc.


Telecon Systems is a multi-discipline engineering company that provides engineering solutions for Industrial Instrumentation & Electrical Systems in India & abroad. To fulfill the company's Bulk SMS Service Needs at Delhi Office, Textguru is offering the services for the last 5 years and the association is going very well.

Textguru tackled the requirement of automated processes in many of the company units and took the organization towards an eased functioning and speedy growth.

Textguru's robust technology helped the organization in various business processes like managing a large chain of technicians & workers efficiently, informing alerts about any occurred defect or damage in the instruments or machinery, setting up a well-working internal communication with employees, and other processes that are responsible for company's efficient & smoothen working system.


Swaminarayan Akshardham also referred to as 'Akshardham' is a beautiful holy place of tourism, located in New Delhi. The place highlights the beauty of Indian Cultural glories that includes art, values, and contributions to humanity. Textguru is making its contributions to support the ideal working & betterment of organizational processes through its highly advanced technology in Bulk SMS Services at New Delhi and serving for the last 8 years.

Textguru is serving for the enhancement of multiple dynamics of the organization like visitor & Internal Notifications, queries & doubts, and a lot of other segments. The services of Textguru succeeded in positively impacting the visitor's count and automating the internal organization systems.


Dayal United is a well-known and big Grocery Store located in New Delhi, offering a huge variety of products that cater our day to day needs and that at very nominal pricing. And, the supply of Dayal United products is not limited to the local citizens but in multiple areas of the country for what they have their online selling website & application.

But to handle a huge supply chain and delivery system, they needed someone to help them with superfast, highly efficient, and reliable Bulk SMS Services. Luckily, We got the opportunity to shake hands with them and help through the whole structure.

Textguru helped them with its advantages & automated Bulk SMS Services available at New Delhi helped them boost the efficiency & speeding up a lot of processes like fast real-time order delivery status, instant invoice sharing, notifications & alerts, customized & personalized text communication, strategic SMS promotion campaigns, and a lot more that helped them moving towards dynamic growth & multiplied profitability.

By making use of Textguru's bulk sms excellent services and great technology they got successful in providing a great customer experience and gain amazingly high profitability in the business.


The idea of Galaxy Tools (a leading refrigerator tool manufacturer company) to enable the Bulk SMS Services of Textguru turned out as a game-changer decision for their business. With the help of Textguru's remarkable Bulk SMS Services, not only did they completely revolutionize their communication systems but brought automation to many other processes along.

Before Textguru, they use to have a manual procedure to make the communications with their company employees and workers which was not much efficient and also very time-consuming. But with the entry of Textguru, the whole communication system turned into an automated process that was happening at lightning-fast speed and with the utmost level of ease. Well, that was just an aspect defining the usefulness of Textguru in the success of their business but it's not just limited to that.

Apart from this, Textguru aided them in sending High Speed Bulk message delivery whether it's the invoice details message to the client that saved a lot of deals from delay and elevated the authority of the brand owner. Also, Textguru pushed magnetic promotional messages on every product launch to let their existing customer base know about it.

All these moves made the organization to be more productive by saving time on a lot of processes and put them to ease by enabling them with automation and eventually allowing them to grow fast & high which is our ultimate aim at Textguru. To let you grow fast & high.

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