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5 Exclusive Benefits of Integrating Textguru with Hitech Billing Software?

Hitech is an amazing billing software helping many SMEs, Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Service Providers, and more. Its user-friendly interface and powerful technology system have been able to help lakhs of businesses make their billing process easier than ever.

But its impact can even get bigger on your business when integrated with the Bulk SMS Services of

How? Let's check out below!

01. Fast Delivery:

As Textguru has direct connectivity with the telecom operator, your message request will reach faster to the operator. And it will automatically result in the faster delivery of your SMS with your Billing Details in it. It will help you save a lot of time in your billing process and help you with an amazing customer experience.

02. High Success Rate:

To ensure great reliability in services and offer you & your customers the best possible experience, Textguru uses advanced and latest updated technology systems. Not only that, after learning from years of experience, we have modified our approach while using the technology in such a way that it delivers the maximum benefits. And one of the benefits is that we have been able to deliver a high success rate in SMS Delivery which helps you save a lot of your precious bucks and valuable time.

03. Quick Response:

The average response time for a legitimate email is about 90 minutes. Can you guess how much time it takes for an average person to respond to a text message? Well, it just takes only 90 secs. Yes, It only takes 90 seconds on average for a person to respond to a text message. And not only that, 9 out of 10 people read the message within 3 minutes of delivery. So, your messages will be read faster and you'll not have to wait much to get a response from the receiver.

And at Textguru, whether it's the efficient usage of technology or the dedication in services, we try giving our best to make these numbers look even better for your business and benefit you even more.

04. Personalized & Customized Messaging:

To make your billing process easier than easy, we also offer the feature of customized messages in which the necessary details like billing amount, customer ID, or more gets automatically filled up in the message without any human involvement. We make use of advanced API Technology which helps us in making this automation process happen and ease your tasks. Also, we assist you in adding a humanized touch to your messages and make the use of personalization to increase the impact of the messages on your customers which automatically results in an improved customer-brand relationship.

05. Reliable Support:

With Textguru, you need not worry for even a minute because a supporting hand is always there to support you. Textguru has been able to deliver thousands of satisfactory smiles till now and hopefully will keep delivering in the upcoming years as well. Three words that are always in our heads while serving you are "Customer is God," That's the ideology we follow in our support system and which helps us get highlighted by our dear customers (like you) for our helpful guidance & support. Any query, any issue, you can ask for our assistance anytime, we'll be there with our best energy to help you out.