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How is TextGuru & RoyalPOS integration helpful for your Food Business?

RoyalPOS is a cloud-based point-of-sale system helping different types of restaurant businesses (like Fine Dine Restaurants, QSR, Retail Stores, Food Trucks, etc.) to enable automation & ease to their POS operations like billing, inventory management, online orders, and more. The software saves a lot of time & energy for you & your team, which will ultimately help you attain a boosted level of efficiency & productivity.

RoyalPOS has been able to help thousands of clients in 15 different countries across the globe.

But the reason why you are here today is,

After enabling the RoyalPOS, you also need to integrate the Bulk SMS Service if wanted to send customers quick updates, notifications, and more such communication on their phone on behalf of your business.

Is that correct?

But it is also correct that you can't rely on just any random Bulk SMS Company for your SMS Services. Isn't it?

Don't worry! Textguru can be the end destination for your search for a reliable Bulk SMS Company, Here're the reasons why:

01. Quick SMS for Billing Details:

The robust technology of RoyalPOS makes the billing process too much easier for you, even if the number of bills is too high.

But after the invoice is ready, the role of SMS comes into play when we need to send the confirmation message to the customer along with some necessary billing details. And there, Textguru's services can be helpful for quick SMS sharing and attaining a high success rate of SMS delivery for you.

02. Real-time Tracking for Online Orders :

Nowadays, Ordering food online has just become a regular fashion in almost every small or big house. That's why many restaurant owners are moving online with the help of many food delivery platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. And, As an intelligent business owner, you may also be looking to list your business online. Oh! You've already done it! That's great!

So to handle your online orders efficiently, RoyalPOS is there for you. What about Textguru's Services? Well, it can be helpful for you to share live delivery updates, order status, and even the billing details on the customer's phone to keep them relaxed and feel valued.

03. Low Stock Alerts:

Inventory management is a crucial task for any restaurant business, which involves a lot of activities that are performed regularly to ensure the availability of essential goods and to get an idea of the status & quantity of all the products or goods available in stock. It helps the business to efficiently handle the demand & supply of the products and save unnecessary wastage of resources.

But it is not as easy as said. The process is too much tiring and time-consuming. But not with RoyalPOS! Its excellent inventory management solutions make the complete process simple, easy, and fast for you. And Textguru SMS Services can help you get informed with low-stock alerts whenever the quantity of a product touches the alarming line so that the smoothness of the demand & supply process doesn't get disturbed.

04. Personalized SMS For Healthier Customer Relationship:

Today, Every business needs to recognize the impact of personalization in a customer buying journey. According to stats from the internet, more than 80% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that offer a personalized experience.

Personalized experiences can be either delivered to the customers in the offerings or via communications. Textguru's SMS Services can help you craft a personalized communication structure for your customers, which can help strengthen your bond with them.

RoyalPOS can help you in the whole process by providing the customers' data & records registered with the software. The data can also be helpful for many other purposes. One of them is in targeted marketing & promotions, which is also our next point.

05. Targeted Promotions For Better Conversion Rates:

As we know, marketing is a crucial element for almost every existing business today. If done in the right way, it can have a significant impact on your business growth which can be in terms of brand awareness, customer relationships, sales, and more factors alike.

But we also know that the audience we have today is much more intelligent than ever before. So we also need to be smarter with our marketing. Right!

So here, SMS Marketing can be a helpful move for you as it offers you the advantage of targeting. It allows you to target your customer according to their age, demographics, buying interests, and many more factors. But how?

Here again, along with Textguru, the role of RoyalPOS comes into play. The customers' records & data collected by RoyalPOS can become extremely helpful for you in designing your targeted promotion campaigns, as mentioned in the last point.

06. Get More in Less:

"Our motive is to reduce your expense, not to become one."

Both companies aim to offer the services at a genuine price that must fit the pocket of every small, medium, or big enterprise. So that more & more businesses can get the benefit of an easy & efficient working system.

Excellent services and also at affordable pricing? How that's possible?

Well, The companies use a highly advanced & robust technology setup along the years of experience to offer you such reliable & high-quality services at affordable pricing.

Apart from that, this super partnership can also be helpful for you in reducing a lot of your extra expenses from different sectors of your business by enabling automation & boosting efficiency in them. This way, the services can become even more cost-efficient for your business.

07. Simple & Easy Integration Process :

How will I be able to start?

Is the process easy or difficult?

Am I eligible for the integration?

Well, if these worry-filled thoughts are troubling your head, it's time to put a break to them as the process of integration is super easy & simple. You can get your services activated in a matter of a few minutes. Even if you feel stuck anywhere, a highly qualified team of experts is always ready to support you. They'll help you smoothly complete the complete process by keeping you at ease and guiding you through the best of their knowledge.