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7 Proven Benefits Of Bulk SMS Services For Chartered Accountants

You have hundreds of tasks to perform and a lot of clients to handle which is making your life very busy.

So why spend your valuable time & energy on those extra calls or communication?

Yes! Today, we are here to help you make a more relaxed working schedule for yourself by saving your time & energy drained in customer communications.

We'll help you understand, How Bulk SMS can help you enhance your customer experience and smoothen up your customer communications along with making YOUR work life easier?

So without any further delay, Let's start with our today's topic.

01. Last date Alerts:

Oh, No! Today is the last date to file the ITR, and the client has still not submitted all the documents and records.

Does it happen with you also?

Sometimes yes, right!

But no more!

Because now you'll be able to inform all your clients in advance about the last date to file the ITR. Along with that, you can also send your requirements of documents & records to them.

And Not Only ITR, but the GST Returns due date notification or many other last-date alerts can be sent easily to all your customers in just a matter of a few seconds.

Now you don't have to worry whether all your clients got informed or not. Also, you can ask the client to send some particular reply in response to your message as a confirmation that they have got the message clearly. The message will then be placed in their mind strongly and the maximum of your problem will get solved there.

02. New Updates to customers:

A big chunk of your energy gets utilized on making those unnecessary calls for some basic updates or alerts, Isn't it?

Yes, we're talking about the latest updates and changes in government policies regarding finances and accounting. So whenever government comes out with something new like that, it becomes very important for you to inform your customers about the change and advise them with changes or modifications that they need to make in their daily business practices.

But sometimes there is a simple and a minor change, that even if your customer will not know about, it'll not make any difference. There are changes like that, Right?

And most of us just ignore telling about it!

But sometimes, these minor things can make a big impact on our customer relationships. In that case, bulk SMS can be the ultimate solution for you!

With the help of bulk SMS, you can keep your customer informed with every single change in the policies and can provide them with your valuable advice for them at the right time.

This small practice can make your customer feel good and impressed about your services. Ultimately, your word of mouth will spread, the number of referrals by your existing customers may increase, and your recognition will also get a boost.

03. Tips & Suggestions:

No matter whether your client is a small, medium, or large size business, your valuable tips and suggestions have equal significance for all of them. Your one piece of advice can make a big difference to their business.

You can help them save on taxes by a big margin, also you can guide them on inappropriate activities so that they avoid any notice or penalties from Govt. Similarly, there are a lot of things on which your tips & suggestions can be helpful for your client.

But it will be a quiet hefty task to call or meet all of them for the purpose.

But no worries! We are here to make your hefty tasks super easier.

You can make use of Bulk SMS Services to send these important tips & suggestions to all your clients on a regular or random basis. It will help you stay connected with your client and will help you get an increased satisfaction graph for your clients.

04. Schedule Meetings & Appointments:

As a Chartered Accountant, you need to meet a lot of different people regularly. That list can include your existing clients, new business individuals who wanted to connect with you, the new job applicants in your firm, or many more personalities.

And for that, you need to maintain a proper schedule for meetings or appointments so that your daily workflow doesn't get affected. And Bulk SMS can make a very effective contribution in helping you maintain that.

You can make use of Bulk SMS Service to send the scheduled timing notifications to your clients or candidates with whom your appointment is fixed. Also, you can offer your customers with different meeting slot options from which they can pick their suitable time & date.

It will help you fix meetings with multiple customers or candidates at the same time. Also, it will reflect the professional behavior of your CA Firm in front of your clients or applicants.

05. Personalized Messages:

Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday!

This one line can make someone's day if said at the right time. Isn't it?

But these messages can also help you strengthen your customer relationship. Yes! These types of messages which are sent to the customers on their special days with their names mentioned in them are called personalized messages. Even you can send messages wishing some common festivals like Holi, Diwali, New Year, or more.

It will make your clients feel special and will enhance your customer relationship with them. These little things can be much more impactful for someone than we think.

The Bulk SMS API will make use of the customer database and send customers wishes on their special occasions or festivals automatically at the time you want.

06. Effective Communication & Great Response:

Well, choosing Bulk SMS as your communication platform can change the game for you, and here's why?

Bulk SMS is one of the most effective and cost-friendly communication platforms to reach your customers. It has an impressive open rate of more than 98% along with a whopping response rate of 45-60% which is much higher than many of the other communication platforms.

Not only that, if you are someone not interested in waiting much for the results, it's for you!

Stats says, more than 95% of texts are read within 3 Mins. of delivery and it only takes 90 secs. on average for the receivers to respond to it.

You can also add a link of your official website or mention a contact number through which the customers can contact you easily. And here also Bulk SMS will help you give a push to the number of clicks and calls. It has a high CTR (Click Through Rate) and a high conversion rate. Also, you don't need a big fat budget to run SMS Marketing Campaigns and it comes with such an effective response, so it ultimately delivers a High ROI (Return On Investment) also.

Hopefully, it was helpful stuff for you to understand the benefits and role of Bulk SMS for your personal or firm's growth and management along with enhancement of the reputation factor.

07. Confirmation Messages:

After you file taxes of your client or perform other functions alike, you can send a confirmation message along with their associated details through Bulk SMSes.

Instead of spending your or your team's valuable time & energy on calls, just for the confirmation of these tasks, you can make the use of the Bulk SMS Service where you'll be able to send the confirmation message to hundreds of your clients at the same time under a few seconds.

You can also check the live status of the messages that who have received, read, or responded with also the details of the time at which they've done it. It'll help you save a lot of precious time & energy of yours & your team that you can utilize on many other important tasks of priority. Also, it will give your customer a positive feeling about your services and a sense of transparency at the same time.

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