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How TextGuru Bulk SMS Service at Navi Mumbai helping Customer's to Grow Sales?

01. Style Cracker:

Style Cracker is a customized clothing brand that helps you get your perfect outfit designed by well-renowned celebrity stylists. Also, it has gained investment from the famous Bollywood celebrity Ms. Alia Bhatt.

And, We are glad that the role of Textguru was a significant addition to their success story. Textguru supported Style Cracker to establish a strong & unbreakable connection with their loving customers.

We always ensured super fast & reliable delivery of Messages and helped the brand with an improved personalization in their text communication with the customers. So that their customers never feel disconnected from the brand.

Textguru also helped the brand with its Bulk SMS Services for an efficient & automated communication system in the Product Delivery & related department.

Also, We believed in sending the right message at the right time, which became the reason for the success of numerous winning advertising campaigns driven through Promotional Bulk SMSes that helped them gain a very high ROI and an expanded customer base.

02. Arihant Mobile:

[Can you imagine? Just a single move by Textguru impacted the business to turn multiple times sales & revenue. Well, we're talking about a leading mobile phone reseller shop in Mumbai known as Arihant Mobile.]

Can you imagine? Just a single move by Textguru... before continuing, First, let's introduce the business.

Arihant Mobile, with multiple branches all over the city, is one of the leading mobile phone reseller shops in Mumbai.

Introducing Textguru Bulk SMS Services became one of the top game-changing decisions by Arihant Mobile. Textguru is providing the business with High-Speed Bulk SMS Services & 24x7 quick reliable support for the last _ years. It was helping them grow their business in an accelerated & efficient way. But, Can you imagine? Just a single move by Textguru helped the business made to reach a great number of customers and helped them earn multiple times better revenue.

Ok, let's reveal that secret to you!

The use of Textguru's strategic promotional SMS services to create FLASH SALES on certain events or dates helped them boost their revenues & reach as well. The business has experienced a remarkable increase in the number of sales & their overall speed of growth. And, we believe that it will keep growing like this because we'll keep putting our strategic brain and hard-working blood in our services in order to grow our customers' businesses.

03. Chakraview:

Chakraview is a safe & helpful School Bus Management Tool for all the parents who send their kids on a school bus. They share the live location about the school bus, updates about the bus delay, all the information about the bus driver, drop & pick-up points, and many more things.

But if you observe SMS Service is one of the vital supporting pillars for their platform's functioning, and they can't afford to rely on just any 'ABC' platform for the Bulk SMS Services. They were required some reliable, supportive, and fastest Bulk SMS Service Provider. Then, in their search they found Textguru and from there it's now the _th year, we are providing them with all the Bulk SMS Services.

After enabling Textguru they experienced great feedback from the parents that they're getting really fast & real-time updates and can trust the application. The increased level of trust due to fast, efficient, and real-time notifications & alerts, has also led to a remarkable increase in their user base. Not only word of mouth is doing the job for them but also they are making use of Textguru's powerful strategies to promote via Promotional SMSes that also helped them experience a great ROI.

04. Kalpana Saree Emporium:

A well-known hub for the amazing saree collection & dresses of Mumbai is availing the Bulk SMS Services of Textguru and speeding up their growth journey with increased sales & profits. How? Let's find out!

Our journey with Kalpana Saree Emporium started _ years back. They were looking for something that can offer them the accelerated push in their growth journey, and then we got another client that filled us with energies to make them succeed.

As we & our client always shares the same goal which is to make them grow, just the area of focus is different. They focus on what they are good at, and we take complete responsibility for the things of our specialized zone. The same we did with Kalpana Saree Emporium.

We made use of our robust technology structure to provide high-speed Bulk SMSes and years of expertise & powerful strategies to build effective & result-oriented promotional SMS campaigns. Both things helped them generate huge sales and a massive increase in the profits & revenue.

05. Hora Gifts:

They are renowned manufacturers, suppliers, importers, and exporters of a wide range of Corporate Gifts & Promotional Items. Their search for effective & inexpensive Bulk SMS Service Providers ended _ years ago with Textguru.

Their supply chain structure was in the need of technology, that can help them improve their customer experience & better satisfaction rate. Also, they were looking for an inexpensive tool that can get them the flood of leads. Guess What? Textguru helped them solve all their issues with its amazing technology, effective strategies, and dedicated assistance & support, all at the lowest price in the country.

Within a short time, the company was exposed to a great increase in sales, highly improved customer experience, boosted brand reach, and a massive gain of profits. Even now, Textguru is serving them with the highest dedication and delivering profitable returns.

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