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Bulk SMS for Airlines and Air Tickets Companies

Travelling via air was made more affordable for travelers today as ever. This is due to the number of existing airline companies that compete for the accommodation of the people who wants to travel places via their airline. Because of this, airline companies learned how to play their game and they each have produced their means to promote their airline services in as much as exploring every available and possible means. Along with it, because of the sudden surge of people wanting to travel, air ticket companies also yielded more effective ticket purchasing and reservation systems.

Instead of going personally to buy a ticket on airline ticket offices, people may now buy and reserve ticket via online. Airline and air ticket company websites have reservation systems wherein customers can choose the flight schedule that they want and may also do direct payment of airfare online.

This system is effective until more avenues also came up. Bulk SMS marketing is also proved to help airline and air ticket companies on the same system that they do online but in the simpler way. First, airline companies can promote their airfare promos; they can also send alerts for various announcements such as flight cancellations, tips or instructions, payment approvals, various customer services etc. A short SMS message can be sent with the use and implementation of SMS gateway API. This system uses shortcodes and customers can respond to the SMS on a two-way bulk SMS messaging.

Airline companies may send bulk SMS via the internet. From the admin area of your account, you can compose your message to send SMS online. SMS to bulk SMS sending can also be done when there is no access to the internet.

Bulk SMS companies make sure that their system is operational and effective so that the SMS are received by every contact on the directory list. SMS server software is used to make sure that the system can accommodate a huge number of SMS sending in an instant. There are also storage systems to store those messages that are not received due to off cell phones or out of coverage networks and then send them once the cell phone is already able to receive.

This system is also made available for different businesses especially those small time industries with the use of SMS aggregators. SMS aggregators accommodate small chunk of SMS messages over bulk SMS messaging.

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