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Bulk SMS For Media Agencies: We provide Bulk SMS Services in India to help Media & Entertainment Agencies to interact with target clients with Bulk SMS Marketing.

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Bulk SMS For Media and Entertainment Agencies

Promoting via Bulk SMS for Media & Entertainment Agencies.Media and entertainment needs publicity in their every project. Because of their exposure to the media, endorsement of their projects is not that hard for them to execute - however, some maybe costly because of the production or guesting expenses. Nevertheless, the media and entertainment industry are the most creative and versatile when it comes to promotion and publicity of their projects.

Media and entertainment also greatly rely on social media sites just like any other industries. Promotion using the wonders of the internet returns great response from people since more and more people are found on social media sites such as facebook or twitter. With these 2 social media giants alone, your ads can be exposed to millions.

Bulk email sending is also one avenue to promote a show or project. However there is lesser probability of response to this compared to the interactive social media. The new information technology on the other hand has paved another way to promote which is by bulk SMS sending. Media people can use this avenue by short message generation and then send them to even millions of their contacts or subscribers. This medium can also reach international audience through international SMS gateway.

Mobile SMS marketing is considered to be one effective medium since there are millions and more people who own cellular phones than those who have an access to the internet. People directly receive the SMS message and it has 99.9% probability of being read compared to the email.

The best bulk SMS companies that provide this service are available online. You can buy bulk SMS packages directly on major bulk SMS websites and bulk SMS resellers. Employing for a bulk SMS service is not a complicated thing to do and just needs you to sign up an account on the bulk SMS company websites. Once you have signed up an account, you will have your own log in and manage your admin account from there. You can choose from the variety of bulk SMS packages that they offer. Payment is also done online by different payment options and voila! You can already start with your bulk SMS sending.

There are different bulk SMS features that you can use depending on the type of program that you want to be supported by your SMS messaging. Features like two-way response SMS messaging can surely do your media and entertainment promotions a sure hit.

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