16 Simple Ways to Use Bulk SMS Marketing For Startups.

As the technology is changing day by day, the communication has become very efficient in the companies. As the trend of mobile banking seems to be catching, the customers do not have to depend on internet and email to get information. Mobile Bulk SMS service is one of the easiest way by which a policy holder receives their details via SMS on their mobile. With Mobile SMS service customers will be kept updated and will be provided instant information which will increase customer s satisfaction level.

There are many other communication sources like mail, fax and courier services and they provide speed, security, easy tracking and committed delivery on time. But it takes time to deliver the message. Courier services are usually more expensive than mail services. No one usually get online daily. But, People use their smart phones all time. 99% of the text messages are read by recipients and 94% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.

Everyone uses to promote business by advertising or by hiring PR for branding to some people for their company and in this case they spend much money. Sometimes, Customers did not give response as compared with bulk SMS services i.e. user friendly and easy way to promote the business. Today, Great numbers of peoples are using text messaging service.

Bulk SMS services means sending SMS message to large groups of recipients at one time. Bulk SMS basically refers to an advertising where the organisation sends single SMS i.e. transactional or promotional to the number of users at one time. Numbers of companies use Bulk SMS service to promote their product online. Bulk SMS is mainly used for alerts, reminders and also for information between both user and clients. Bulk SMS marketing just need three things i.e. Mobile numbers on which message has to be send, Text and Mechanism to send text.

1. User friendly:

Bulk SMS panel is very easy to use and you can send sms to the customers with in a seconds. Bulk SMS panel is simple and easy to understand. You can upload upto 50,000 numbers you can upload in a single campaign.

2. Introduce your great business:
Though you have a great business but how many of your customers know that you exist. You can use bulk sms service to get yourself visible so that consumers may know you and win more consumers and become popular.

3. Debit collection:
Business depends on debtors and creditors. Sometimes, Consumers/ Debtors forget to pay their dues. You can use bulk sms services to remind your debtors that their payment is due. This will enforce the debtors to pay the payment quickly. It will increase your revenue and improve your cash flow. If there are number of debtors whose payment is due then you can send text sms to multiple targeted consumers by clicking a single button.

4. Reliable and cost effective:
Consumers spend most of the time on an internet. They use smart phones as they are easy to carry. Bulk sms is very reliable and cost effective for the proprietors as it provides a panel by which you can send sms in bulk and reach to customer s place at anytime at any place. Bulk SMS is a mobile Phone service, it is one of the most convenient and reliable services to ensure free communication with the consumer. Since everyone has a mobile phone these days and their mobile phones are always with them thus reaching them through customer service Bulk SMS is a very good option.

5. Save money and time:
Sending sms via mobile is widely used for staying in touch with the customers. In traditional times, messages were conveyed with the help of banners, mail, fax etc. and that method was costly and consume much time. SMS marketing is easy to set up and the cost of retail sms is very low and you can send sms via your smart phone while sitting anywhere. This saves consumers time and money as they are very cheap.

6. Instant delivery:
Cell advertising and marketing is an interactive medium to interact with the customers. It provides immediate accessibility to the customers. The great feature of mobile sms marketing is that the advertisement reaches straight to the customers. SMS is fast and the average time for all mobile carriers and sms services is less than 7 seconds.

7. Increase in sale (Boost sale):
Bulk sms service sharpens your sales. You should send sms to your customers to know their interests and needs so that you can develop strategies that can be beneficial for both you and your consumer. This can be done by sending your existing services list in Bulk sms campaign and let them send you the best out of them so that you can categorize which one is best for your customers. You can send coupons to your customers. This will increase customer s interest. You can maintain relations with the customers so that next time they take service from you by sending them message on their birthdays, anniversaries or on any festival greetings.

8. Flexible:
People use their smart phones all time. 99% of the text messages are read by recipients and 94% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes. A Mobile SMS service is one of the easiest way by which a policy holder receives their details via SMS on their mobile. With Mobile SMS service customers will be updated and will be provided instant information which will increase customer s satisfaction level. Consumers can have access to their account at any time at any place. You can login to your account via smart phones also.

9. Trace target audience:
Bulk sms advertising reach only your target audience. Your sms advertisement reaches only to your buyers. Bulk sms service helps to keep people interested in your campaign and services. With the Bulk sms service you can reach out to your target audience in the easiest and most cost effective way. Just call on mobile numbers anywhere. Once you called a particular number then you can save the number to your mobile for future use. With this you can again reach your customers easily. No need to advertise.

10. Send unlimited sms in a single click:
Mobile marketing is a powerful channel. Mobile marketing offers multiple benefits. With the help of Bulk sms services customers can send unlimited sms in a single click. You can create group in your account and add as many as numbers to that group. You can send sms upto 50,000 numbers at one time. Brands using bulk sms services successfully reach 95% of smart phones.

11. Improve customer satisfaction:
Using Bulk SMS as marketing tools will not only ensure a smooth process by avoiding any confusions but also enhance the experience of the consumer with the particular brand.

Thereby ensuring loyalty. As the consumer has taken service from you make sure that you do your best to assure that everything is handled perfectly at your end.

You must improve your customer s satisfaction. SMS texting is a great place. With sms service you can send sms from PC as well as from smart phones easily.

12. Reach millions of people:

Today majority of people are actively using text messaging to stay connected and are highly engaged in the content they receive. SMS marketing is a booming marketing which is being implemented in the recent times. Bulk sms gateway is the fastest way of conveying information within a group to several numbers just in seconds. You can send sms online to any mobile number using very simple procedure.
You can reach millions of people in one single click which may also convert into leads. You can increase your business through bulk sms. One of the best bulk sms service providers which I have come across is textguru.in.

13. Low cost and High ROI:
The cost of Advertising on television or via any other media is too much expensive. It can be out of your budget or may be too high. Whereas, Bulk sms services are cheap. SMS services offer high return on investment with a very low cost. You just have to buy sms in bulk and then have to provide the services to your customers. Bulk sms marketing campaigns can put to action with small cost and allow you to reach peoples easily and quickly.

15. More safe and secured:
Bulk SMS Services helps you to promote products and services. You can reach your target audience and can promote your products to thousands of people in one single click. Through system you can send SMS to thousands of people at a time. Using Bulk sms services are more safe and secured as you are working on an internet. They provide you securities. When you take services from www.textguru.in we will provide you admin name as well as password that is totally secured. When a customer will send sms on any number then that message will be delivered to that number only.

16. No need of Desktop software:
As the technology is changing day by day, the communication is becoming very efficient and Time saving. Customers do not rely on internet or email accessibility to get information. SMS services via mobile phones are the easiest way where a policy holder receives their detail via sms on their mobiles.

There is no need of desktop software as you can use this software. The software is cloud based and you can use it online. This will keep the customers updated and provide instant information to the customers.

Thus, Bulk SMS service to customers is the way to go, as customers like to feel in control of the purchases they are making. Bulk SMS marketing provides the perfect reason with regular updates, customers feel connected to the company. This helps in improving customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Bulk SMS is one of the most effective channels for mass communication. In order to move forward, a business needs an effective channel to promote itself as well as to convey information to all its users via SMS marketing. Both email and mobile marketing are best and have their own features too but mobile marketing is in trend as most of the business holders are using mobile marketing to run their business. It becomes easy with bulk sms to promote the business.

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