420 million Indian to use mobile internet services by June 2017

For the last few years, the mobile Internet users are growing at a very fast pace. The number of internet users is increasing more in rural areas rather than the urban India.

Interestingly, you will find a growth rate of 26% in the rural market as compares to just 9% in the urban areas, of mobile internet users. The urban market is fast reaching a saturation point, but the rural areas with just 16% of market share in mobile internet users.

There is a vast scope of around 750 million mobile internet users from the rural India in the coming years. With the entry of new telecom companies like Reliance Jio, the access to the web has become more comfortable, especially in rural areas.

Reliance Jio alone gets more than 1,00000 mobile internet users in its fold within a few months of its entry into the market. The mobile connectivity is fast reaching the rural areas. At present, about 90% of villages have mobile connectivity across the India.

The new & affordable data packages from the telecom operators, also play a significant role in the manifold increase in internet users in rural India.

Jio, with its eyes on the rural market, is sharply increasing its mobile towers from 100000, at present, to 200000 towers. So with secure connectivity, more & more people are going to mobile internet services.

If you go through the monthly bill assessment of data bill in comparison to voice bill, you will find that the data component of bill rises from 45% to 65% in the last five years, in the urban users.

The other factor for the increase in mobile internet users is the fact that more than 50% of mobile internet users are in the age group of below 25 years, especially students & young professionals.

There is a sharp rise in mobile internet users in the urban India because they are the first to receive new offers from the telecom companies. The urban customers start getting an offer of 4G connectivity while the rural areas still run internet on 2G.

The sharp decline in the prices of mobiles is also a key factor for growing of mobile internet users, which makes the mobile affordable to rural people also.

There are around 400 million internet users in India, the second largest after China. As per the report from Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI ) & market researcher, IMRB, about 87% ( 276 million ) of total internet users love to access the internet through their mobile phones.

As per the report, you will find 77% of urban people & 92% of rural users considers their mobiles as the first choice to search the web. There is also a difference between the urban & the rural people regarding usages of mobile internet.

The urban users prefer internet for communication, social networking & then for entertainment like videos, songs, etc., while for the rural users, a movie comes with the first choice follows by social networking & communication.

The India is surpassing the US in mobile internet users market; the figure will increase considerably in the time to come.

The speed, with which the mobile internet users are increasing in India, we may expect the number will go around 420 million by June 2017 as compares to 389 million users by December 2016.

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