School must have bulk sms facility parents demanded at Mysuru

A bus of Naviks school Mysuru was founded burnt due to a short circuit in engine yesterday in the morning. As per the information, the bus was carrying few 10th class students.

As soon as Madhukar and the four students of class 10th noticed smoke in the bus immediately opened the emergency exit and brought all the students out safely.

The parents of the escaped students who were unhurt in the school bus visited the school on Tuesday and thanked the bus driver Madhukar and the students for saving their children.

It came in the notice that the management had made some alternate transport arrangements for the students and did promise to provide school bags, textbooks and lunch boxes to the students that were spoiled in the accident.

On the other hand, parents also have words with the school administration to come out with the Bulk SMS service in the times of emergency.

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