How Can I Complete Dlt Registration For Jio?

To complete DLT registration for Jio, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Visit the Jio DLT registration portal and create an account.

2. Enter your business details and upload your registration certificate.

3. Submit the necessary documents for verification.

4. Complete the payment of Rs. 5,000 + 18% GST as the DLT registration fees.

5. And that's it! Once your registration is approved, start sending your commercial messages to your customers.

Completing the DLT registration is mandatory for businesses to send promotional messages through Jio's network.

Kindly Note that you must follow the TRAI guidelines while the DLT registration or any other telemarketing process.

If you are a business owner or new telemarketer and have never done a DLT registration before, We have prepared a detailed & helpful Step-by-Step Guide on Trueconnect Jio DLT Registration for you,

Check here: Complete Your TrueConnect Jio DLT Registration in 9 Easy Steps!

(Link - Article: "Complete Your TrueConnect Jio DLT Registration in 9 Easy Steps!")