Is Free Dlt Registration With Jio Possible? Complete Details

DLT registration is mandatory for businesses in India to send promotional SMS messages to customers.

All telecom operators, including Jio, have implemented the DLT registration process to ensure that only genuine businesses can send SMS messages.

Right Now, Many businesses are searching the ways to complete the Jio DLT registration process for free.

However, as of now, there is no option available for free DLT registration with Jio.

Jio offers DLT registration services to businesses, but it comes with a fee of Rs. 5,000 + 18% GST per year.

This fee includes the registration of up to 500 sender IDs, and businesses can add additional sender IDs for a fee of Rs. 1,000 + 18% GST per sender ID.

Earlier, when the DLT registration process was introduced, firstly, Jio provided a free registration window for a limited time.

During this period, businesses were able to complete their DLT registration without paying any fees.

However, this free registration window was closed after a few months, and now businesses are required to pay the registration fee to complete their DLT registration.

It's essential to register for DLT to send commercial SMS to your customers via the Jio network.

DLT registration is an important process to ensure the protection of customers against spam, unsolicited and unwanted messages.

While proceeding with the DLT registration process, you'll require to submit a few important documents, like your company PAN card, company registration certificate, and a letter of authorization.

All these documents you need to submit on the Jio DLT portal along with the registration fee.

Want to check the complete List of Jio DLT Registration Documents Required for your organization? Check here! (Interlink)

While there is no option for free DLT registration with Jio, the company does offer a user-friendly registration process and excellent customer support to help enterprises and individuals like you complete their registration smoothly.